Elite Desk

This is our elite desk NOT set which is a solid wood desk with no assembly, item is in high demand and may need to be built for you.


Desk:  60x16x32

The desk does not need to be built you just lay the top on the drawers!

-Clearview glass top with three drawers

-5 drawers on each side

-Crystal Clear knobs


Ships in 3 boxes

Elite Desk

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  • Shipping Info:

    Orders  that are not ready to go can take up to 2 weeks to complete IF they need to be built.  Once we ship out your order the Tracking number will be added to your receipt.   It is your responsibility to track the package to make sure it is going to the correct destination.

  • Pick Up Info:

    Orders that are not ready to go can take up to 2 weeks to complete IF they need to be built. We will send you a email or text with pick up information once your order is ready or when delivery is set to go!